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We will select your newest family member/personal protection dog, based on your needs and lifestyle. 

The Confidentially of our clients comes first. We do not at the end of your two week handler course post a public picture of you and your new K9, that just defeats the purpose of having a personal protection dog. A personal protection dog should be treated the same way as a concealed carry. The only one that should know the full capabilities of your dog, should be you and the trainer you have chosen to work with. Think of it this way, a bank robber walks into the bank. Who is the first person they shoot? The security guard. Why? Because he is the first identified threat in the building. If others outside of your family know the true capabilities of your dog, you just made your dog the main target.

   We don't question your need for a protection dog, nor do we use your reasons for a determining factor as to whether or not we will sell you one. Too many are so desensitized to the world we live in, they fail to see a threat.

   We offer Level 1, 2 & 3 personal protection dogs, dependent on your needs and request. You must complete a handler course at our facility and/or your location. Contact us today for more information.