Welcome to KnightWatch K9 Working Dogs, in association with KnightWatch K9 Pet Training.

Veteran owned and operated.

KnightWatch K9 is located in the beautiful state of Arizona. We are near the border of Mexico with access to many cultures Our main training facility is in Sierra Vista and we have various training locations. We are right outside of Fort Huachuca. Which is the Army’s capital for Intelligence, surveillance, and its unmanned aircraft systems. Fort Huachuca chose Southern Arizona for its weather and environmental factors. The elevation is at 4,623 feet, surrounded by desert and mountains. The terrain and elevation create the perfect training environment. It is hard to duplicate this type of training environment anywhere else. The elevation itself creates a more fit dog. Training takes place all year long, in different environments, all weather conditions, and our dogs are exposed to both night and day training.

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We are very passionate about the work that we do. We specialize in the herders; the Belgian Malinois, Dutch Shepherd, and German Shepherd Dog. We work exclusively with KNPV lines. KNPV has been proven as both a breeding program and as a courage test for the dog. The methods we use derive from the Dutch. They have been proven for over a hundred years. We work the individual dog in front of us, we want the dog to have a natural desire/drive, and we use that to shape and build behavior.  Learn more about  our available and previously sold German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. 



We train for police, military, security, K9 Sport, and the private sector. Our personal protection dogs are social, environmentally stable, and fully trained. Our personal protection dogs receive the same foundation as our Military and Law Enforcement candidates. Our dogs receive the best care and when they leave here, we expect that care to continue. We are very selective in whom we work with and where our dogs are placed. We reserve that right. We always leave the option open at retirement to take our K9s back or for them to retire with their handler. Our puppies are sold on a contract that states if, at any time the owner is unable to care for them, we receive the first opportunity to take the dog back. There are working dog facilities that will refuse to take a retired K9 or a dog back due to family conflicts. There are also facilities that when washing a dog from their program, will dump them at their local shelter. This is not the case at KnightWatch K9, we provide support for the lifetime of the dog.


We also provide support after the dog and handler have graduated our handler class, and after the dog has left our training facility. Whether that be a phone call or scheduling an annual seminar at your location. With each and every dog that leaves our facility, our reputation carries over with that dog. It is a lifetime investment and why we are so selective in whom we choose to work with. Integrity is everything.



 Here at KnightWatch K9, we also offer a variety of K9 training seminars across the country. Too often training issues are accepted as the norm. No one asks if it can be done. No one asks why it hasn’t been done. Instead, too often, the holes in most training programs are accepted as the norm. They are accepted as doctrine and excuses are made for poor training.

     At the end of the day, remember, never say it cannot be done. Instead, ask why it isn’t being done. Never accept excuses for weak training. Seek out those that are experienced in the trade, passionate about what they do, and will make themselves available to help problem solve. Email us for a list of which states we will be in for our 2020 Training Seminars.