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How To Volunteer

Ready to get in lots of cuddles and training opportunities?

  What do our Volunteers do?

- Foster dogs in their homes, these dogs could be puppies from 8 weeks of age up to a year old. 

- Request to be assigned a dog that will be going as a service dog or to a police department. This entails coming out to the training center, working on environmental exercises and drive building. This could be as simple as walking dogs, playing ball and/or pool time with the dog. 

- Inquire if we have new puppies in for evaluation and we can assign you a puppy to play with and do basic environmentals and drive building. 

- Come out & be a track layer! Come out and lay some tracks for our dogs in training to be tracking dogs for LEO & SAR. It is always good exposure for our dogs to be exposed to as many new people as possible. 

Most importantly have fun! No training or prior experience needed. We will teach you and let you learn why it is we are so passionate about the work we do!

Contact us today to learn more. 

-Must be able to pass a 5 year background check

- Provide fingerprint card

- Submit completed application

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