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We have a very high standard to which our dogs must meet.  If we notice in the early stages of training a dog just "doesn't have it." We immediately wash it. We do not waste time on creating something that was never there in the dog to begin with, nor do we mask over it. A dog like that will fail you in the real world. Sadly, too many dogs that are not environmentally sound are making it out there on the streets. When is that last time you watched a video of a dog that failed to engage? 

  At KnightWatch K9, we don't over price our dogs, nor do we sell dogs that will fail you on the street. With both a military and Law Enforcement background, we know how important it is to be able to rely on the tools you are using from day to day.

   Our dogs have their foundation in obstacle work. A dog that does not have the confidence to do obstacle work, does not deserve the title of "working dog." Obstacle work builds confidence and courage in the dog. It builds mental fortitude.  You cannot have a dog falling apart with fear and anxiety (flight vs fight) when put under pressure. It must be able to swim across that stream, climb that wall and take a bite on hidden equipment. Our police dogs are very versatile, confident and civil. We work them in low light, dark narrow areas, such as outside tunnels blacked out, crawl spaces, attics and every other exposure you can imagine. Any dog nearly will take a prey bite, our focus is on passive and can the dog work independently away from the handler. Will he stay with the suspect and on the bite until his handler arrives, without any prey motion. We look for key things in our dogs and we train and paint that very picture in their mind, with scenario after scenario as close to real life, as we can possibly make it.

  Our focus is on matching the right dog to the right handler. Our focus is quality over quantity. We know each and every dog in our kennel. They are worked on an individual basis vs larger scale facilities that focus more on the quantity they are pushing out. Our dogs are paired according to the experience level of the handler. Our handler courses are kept small, in order to insure each handler is setup for success and prepared with their dog. We provide maintenance training, and K9 seminars on a quarterly and annual basis-as needed. We tailor our seminars to the needs of each department and handler. We look at the dog in front of us vs providing cookie cutter training. We also provide decoy seminars in order to make sure you have capable and safe helpers. 


  If you are a small department or just getting your K-9 unit started, ask us about available grants. We can work with you on the grant process.

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